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Hardscratch Press is named for an early-1900s family codfishing station on Unga Island in the Shumagins, easternmost group in the Aleutian Islands. The first author we published was Ralph Soberg, who wrote about his life on the island, about his roots in Norway, about his brief career as a bootlegger and his lifelong passion, building bridges and roads for the Alaska Road Commission ...  and who was the publisher's dear stepfather. "We" refers to editor-publisher-sometimes writer Jackie Pels and designer David R. Johnson, whose work has won awards and applause since Ralph Soberg's first book in 1990.

Ordering ...

... is simple: Just phone, mail or email jrbpels@hardscratchpress.com
and tell the editorial us which books you'd like.

For more details, read on.

Inquiries and orders can be directed to Hardscratch Press at the addresses shown to the left: email, regular mail, fax or phone. Be sure to include your mailing address and phone number.

We cannot take
credit cards, but we will pay the media mail shipping on prepaid orders, or we will include shipping costs on an invoice sent with your books. Prompt payment (by check or money order) is always appreciated. Prices include California sales tax for in-state orders; other state sales taxes do not apply.

Several of the books will come direct from the author or translator, and you may want to request signed copies: Autumn Loneliness; Homesteaders in the Headlights; Miner, Preacher, Doctor, Teacher; The Morning Side of Mount Diablo; Historic Livermore, California: A-Z; Vasco's Livermore, 1910; Sideways Rain.

I am happy to inscribe copies of Any Tonnage, Any Ocean and Volume II (Seward) of Family After All as well.

We offer standard bookstore discounts and a courtesy discount (25%) to libraries. As noted in the acknowledgments section of Any Tonnage, Any Ocean, "All our books are love letters to librarians." We simply couldn't do what we do without you.

A note to authors: We produce handsome books for writers who have decided to self-publish. Feel free to email or write with any questions on that process.

And a final note: As you see by comparing the home page and the "catalog," not all our books still in print have their own listing on the catalog pages. This is simply because we're always happily working on the next book, and the next, and promising ourselves that any day now we will happily work on the website. It will happen.

Thank you for your interest.

Jackie Pels

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